About Us

IFortis Corporate has grown into one of India’s leading Corporate. In its infancy, IFortis was in the business of IT Services & Marketing Services. As time evolved, dependence on the technology began to hinder IFortis’s ability to guarantee competitive pricing and provide innovative services. IFortis also noticed the lack of communication that had become an industry standard. As a result, a strategic decision was made to set up its own headquarters in India in order to better satisfy the needs of IFortis’s customers.

Based upon demographic and geographic research, IFortis chose Sivakasi, India, as the location to begin it’s facility. As time went on, IFortis’s principals of transparency, timely communication, quality of services and competitive pricing allowed for significant expansion. As a result, IFortis is now one of India’s leading corporate.

IFortis Corporate believes that ethical management is not only a tool for responding to the rapid changes in the global business environment, but also a vehicle for building trust with its various stakeholders including customers, employees, business partners and local communities. With an aim to become one of the most leading companies In the world, IFortis Corporate continues to train its employees and operate monitoring systems, while practicing fair and transparent corporate management.


Our Principles

  • We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals.
  • We compete fairly in accordance to law and business ethics.
  • We make customer satisfaction our top priority.
  • We make efforts for the improvement of the ‘quality of life’ of our employees.
  • We pursue eco-friendly management.
  • We build relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners.


Our Vision

To be a global firm of uniquely skilled executives who can build a better future.


Our Divisions

  • Live
  • Digital
  • IT Services
  • Consultancy