Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach to Sustainability

As a global corporate citizen, we fulfill our social responsibility, deliver innovative products and services, and create economic, social, and environmental values.



Vision & Principle

At IFORTIS CORPORATE, our sustainability management aims to create integrated values. Not only do we create economic values by maximising profits and shareholder values, but also we take on a stronger responsibility as a global citizen to create social values. As we deliver innovative products and services along the value chain which is based on the core values we pursue at IFORTIS CORPORATE, we generate values in the fields of economy, society, and environment. We monitor the financial and non-financial impacts that we exert on society throughout such process so that we maximise our positive impacts while minimising any negative ones.


Our Perspective

We believe businesses have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for work, for workers and for the world. We are driven to lead by example, and we are guided in everything we do by our Values, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Sustainable Development Goals. This is how we attract and retain the best talent and how we create a culture of conscious inclusion that fosters innovation, enables high performance and allows everyone to achieve their full potential.



#Not A School


IFortis Corporate’s Not a School is an alternative educational programme co-created with and for school students aged 10-18 across the globe. The free programme aims to inspire our next generation of innovators and equip them with future-proof skills through exploring social issues they care about most with some of world’s most inspirational experts.



India’s First & Largest Virtual Youth Festival - AARAMBH, A Virtual 2 Day Mega Youth Festival empowering youngsters and solving the mental health problems, after Hours and a whole host of exciting Virtual Entertainment Experiences. The much-awaited mega festival is held from 29th – 30th September 2020. AARAMBH will be India's first Virtual Youth Festival experience which had 10,000+ audience and 1,500+ participants across India.

#Entrepreneurship 360


Entrepreneurship 360 is a global initiative for ambitious career- driven women across the globe, who are ready to identify, hone and expand their potential as entrepreneurs.
"The mission of this program, is to solve global problems starting from hunger to health by helping women to learn how to start and grow businesses, as well as successfully compete in global markets, by providing quality training, counseling, and access to resources". This exclusive program had 4,900+ women across the globe.

#Become An Entrepreneur


IFortis Corporate launched Become An Entrepreneur, Practical learning on how entrepreneurs validate concepts through structured experiments, refine their business strategy, and raise the capital necessary to create value and grow their business. The program begins by providing access to potential business opportunities, outlines some of the challenges you might face, and offers a formula for creating your new company. The program will help in identifying the important people in the process of entrepreneurship and how each plays a powerful role in your success. The goal of the program is to support the development of Entrepreneurship in Youth through skill training, strategies, and expert advice.

#Solution for Tomorrow


IFortis Corporate has launched ‘Solution for Tomorrow’, an exclusive program offering all 16-26 year olds world-wide the chance to change the world with their ideas. The programme brings compassion, education and technology together to help young people nurture and create solutions to their local community’s most pressing problems within one of the four following categories: diversity & inclusion, education, social isolation and sustainability.

#Youth Should Lead


The Youth Should Lead by IFortis Corporate is Youth Leadership programme launched in 2020, explores how no one individual has the complete set of leadership skills. It enables youth to identify and reflect on their natural leadership style, personality and behaviours. Then, with the support of world class corporate trainers, youth will agree on areas for development where your leadership shows potential or is fragile. The youth will discover that to be a complete leader they need to be aware of their own limitations and draw on the diversity of their team.

#More Power to Women


The exclusive program, #More Power to Women by IFortis Corporate is aimed at highlighting women empowerment. It showcases how IFortis Corporate cares for dreams of women across India. With an ambitious mission to educate and empower more than 20,000 women in India to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams before the year’s end, IFortis Corporate has enlisted business owners from around the globe to share their personal journey of failure and success at this program.

#Blockchanging the World


IFortis Corporate’s Blockchanging the World is a mission to provide the youth with a well-rounded foundation of the intersection of blockchain technology with either technical practicality, the modern healthcare system, financial institutions, and a road map through the legal labyrinth that is blockchain regulation to aid them in the decision-making process. The program is intended to help the youth in implementing blockchain technology by meeting societal needs and overcoming such obstacles as risks, barriers, and regulations.

#GO Green


We at IFortis Corporate, committed to reducing our environmental footprint and that of our events. We have signed an international commitment to reduce our footprint company-wide (IAPCO Plastics Pledge), as well as the footprint of our clients’ events, through sustainable design and carbon offsetting. We work with partners and suppliers who have active sustainability policies and we also actively encourage discussions and awareness around environmental practice throughout our industry.

#Cultivate the skills


IFortis Corporate’s Step Up is an executive Skill Development program, During the program the young people will be made to investigate complex challenges such as social problems, plastic pollution, genome editing, and global pandemics. The program is structured around real-world problems, its core is centred on academic disciplines and a range of research methods by IFortis Corporate’s Research & Development Team. The youth will gain a strong understanding over the rapidly changing future of work.

#We Are Fit


At IFortis Corporate, our staff are our heart and soul and their satisfaction and wellbeing is critical to the success of our Company. As such, we have policies in place to support staff on a personal level – including flexible working arrangements and mental health support – and we are continually looking to improve in these areas. People development is one of our highest priorities and we invest heavily into this each year – for example, deploying more than 1,000 hours of external training in 2020 – and strongly believe in promoting from within as well as staff retention.

#Social Accountability


At IFortis Corporate, we are committed to employing people from all cultures and backgrounds and we aspire to diversify our company across all indicators including gender, age, sexuality, ability and religion. This is evidenced through our many spoken languages, with our staff collectively speaking more than 30 languages. We acknowledge the Indigenous Indians as traditional custodians of our land and seek to be an employer of choice for those identifying as First Nations people. This is achieved through our values of an inclusive work environment, where we work to break down barriers and embrace diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.