Gaming Tournaments - VALORANT



  • Each team’s roster must consist of at least 5 players.
  • Each team’s roster will be allowed to have 5 main players and 1 substitute. Once the tournament starts, you cannot replace any player.
  • A substitute player may only be added before the Tournament Start.
  • This player cannot be part of any other team’s roster which is participating or has participated in the same tournament.
  • Match has to be played in the following format: 5v5.
  • A player is allowed to represent only one (1) team’s roster in the same tournament.



  • Tournament Round will start as scheduled unless said otherwise. Some rounds might get delayed, for all the information please check our discord, where all information is current.
  • If you are the inviting team (top team) and players of the opposite team are not coming by 10 minutes, please report it to the admin team on the discord. The same goes for the opposite if you are supposed to be invited and you are not receiving an invitation by 10 minutes.
  • All the players have to be in the lobby before the time limit goes down (15 minutes). If there are players missing after this time limit, take a screenshot and post it in the discord server. The team which has less than 5 players after the time limit will be disqualified from the tournament. If both teams are missing players, then both are disqualified.



It is forbidden to cheat, modify the game files, exploit bugs, and/or use any third-party application which would give an unfair advantage against other users.

All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance while playing in our tournament. Using any cheat will result in bans and disqualifications. This includes, but are not limited to:

  • ESP
  • Radar hacks
  • Wall hacks
  • Speed hacks
  • Aim hacks
  • Hitbox manipulation
  • Teleportation (any kind of teleportation, which is not possible in the game)
  • The usage of a bug/bugs to gain an advantage versus your opponents


If a team uses a player that has an active ban by Valorant, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

Anything that can be viewed as a bug or exploit will be reviewed by the admin team and judged on a case-by-case basis, examples of such can be:

  • Using cypher cameras on spots which allows you to see through the walls.
  • Sitting on the spots which are not supposed to be used by map design.
  • Trying to reach out of the map boundaries. (teleporting with the Omen outside the playable area of the map).
  • Activating Sova’s Drone the way that it spawns clipping through the wall.
  • Using Sova’s Arrow on the spots, where they cannot be destroyed and they can spot players (Example: Fixed billboard on Split).
  • Bugging yourself into the doors on the Ascent map, that you can see on both sides.
  • Spamming between Omen Phaser with ultimate to see through walls.
  • Opening doors on Bind from outside (Using Cypher’s camera from outside to open the doors).



  • Show respect to everyone involved in the tournament. This includes, but is not limited to players and staff.
  • Treat everyone the same way as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Always show integrity while playing in every tournament, be honest and play fair.
  • Do not use any discriminatory language, including but not limited to any language regarding ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or personal beliefs.
  • Do not use any extreme foul language, including but not limited to excessive profanity or language that is graphically sexual, grotesque, or violent.
  • Do not make threats of real-world violence or other intended harm to anyone involved in the tournament.
  • Do not harass, stalk, or purposely do things to make someone else feel uncomfortable or threatened.
  • Do not share personal information about yourself or other individuals.
  • Do not engage in, request, arrange, or offer illegal activities or materials.
  • Do not impersonate other individuals.
  • Do not spam, be it in text or VOIP.
  • Do not share your account, your account is for your use and your use alone. Do not grant access to your account to anyone else, and do not access anyone else’s account, even with their permission.



  1. Visit https://challonge.com/ and sign up.
  2. Click on top right on your username and click on teams->New Team.
  3. Add all the members of your team and save.
  4. During registration, share the same team name with us.
  5. Be careful, the team name is case sensitive. Please share the correct team name else it will be troublesome during registration.
  6. You will be able to view all scores and brackets with this link https://challonge.com/vfwa6b6t


Event Detail

March 27, 2020 10:00 Am
March 28, 2021 8:00 pm